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Hey everyone. It took faster than I expected but I have officially launched my Kickstarter. Hereis the link:

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.
Hello All
I have finally launched my Kickstarter project: PAPER DREAMS. It will take a few days for review but once it is official I will make an announcement here. In the meantime I am posting the cover to the limited edition cover and the limited edition print.
Well, I am almost finished with my Kickstarter. I will be finishing up some cool incentives and posting some material that will be in the book. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress.

Hey everyone,

After some thought and consideration as well as frequent requests I have decided that I am going to do a Kickstarter project collecting 30 years of sketches, concept art, commissioned work and unpublished material. Response was so good to my last sketch book, "CON-ARTIST" that I thought it might be good to expand it. I will keep you guys up to date on this latest project and I will start posting some teaser material.
Those of you who are interested I have some vintage NINJA HIGH SCHOOL: Prom Formula original art pages up for sale.…
Hey Everybody. If you are in the area come see me at the following next weekend:

North Texas Comic Book Shows Event
Thousands and thousands of comic books and comic collectibles will be on sale!
Come on out and start a new comic book collection, add to your current collection, or pick up that comic book collectible you have been looking for.
EZ access location that is minutes from just about anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.
Show Date: Sunday April 1st, 2012
Show Time: 9:30 - 5
Show website:
Admission is FREE until noon and only $1/person thereafter.
MEET manga-style comic book artist Ben Dunn!!
Show location: The Hilton Hotel In Arlington
Convenient location near Six Flags, I-30 and 360, free parking.
2401 East Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, TX

Come say hello. Get your books signed for free! Come get a commission just like the ones you see here on this site.
Hey everyone. If you are interested in getting a sketch cover go to this link:…

It is an experiment and I think it might be fun and you get a nice unique piece of art. Check it out.

If you are in the Toronto, Canada area be sure to look me up at ANIME NORTH.
I read that Frank Frazetta has passed away. He was certainly one of my earliest influences and he will be missed.
For those of you who are local and can make I will be at the DALLAS SCI-FI EXPO this weekend (April 24-25) all day. I will be doing commissions and selling books. So come on down and chat with me.
Got over my pink eye and got a lot of catching up to do. Caught up on all my commissions and got 6 pages for Antarctic Press' SARAH PALIN:ROGUE WARRIOR #1. Not doing the whole thing though. Just the first 6 pages. Got a call from Beckett publishing and they asked me to do a YUGIOH cover. Working on it right now. Got the deadlines for the next set of BOXCAR CHILDREN and started work on the covers.
Busy. Busy, Busy.
Got back from Amarillo and got pink eye so no drawing for the next day or so.
Finished the BOXCAR CHILDREN:MOUTAINTOP MYSTERY and turned it in for AP to color. Stayed up until 3am so kinda tired. Got to catch up on some commissions and sketch cards. Hope to have them done over the Easter weekend so I can start on the Boxcar story.
Uploaded some rough character sketches for NHS EX. Thinking of changing it XO (Extra Origin) or EO (extra origin). Have not decided. Also thinking of doing it as graphic novel as opposed to working it in the regular issues. Pros and cons to both. Still working on BOXCAR Children but as some as I have some free time I will work on NHS. Got about half of the first issue written.
After much thought I decided to upload the cover to NHS EX. Since the book is on hiatus anyway I wanted to share with the fans what I had planned. Basically it is a "retelling" of the original NHS storyline but with more weight and substance. Since I now have 20 plus years of NHS backstory I realized a I wanted to do a "remake". I had a script ready for several years but things did not gel until now. However, due to the market AP cannot justify in getting it out right now. But if there was enough demand I could ask them to do a special one shot  graphic novel or mini-series. However, I can't do it without you guys. Let them know you want to see NHS back.
For those who are interested I am offering personal commissions. Here is the link:…
Got the colored covers to the BOX CAR CHILDREN for Magic Wagon. These are a series of books written in the 1920s about a group of orphan siblings who solve mysteries. I am scheduled to do 6 in total and I have turned in 2 so far. I will start on #3 on Monday.
Went to a Dallas Sketch Club gathering at the Richaland College (thank Lucas) and it was blast. Met all sorts of local artist and art teachers. Most fun I had at a sketch club in a long time. I did a couple of commissions while I was there. Caught up on most of them though not all of them which I tried but was distracted by all the talent. Good times.
Did a lot over the last 2 weeks. Completed the first book of THE BOXCAR KIDS: LIGHTHOUSE MYSTERY and my sections of HOW TO DRAW VAMPIRES. Got a call from David Hutchinson to compliment on the sections. I was very appreciative of the call. The guys at AP are always very supportive of each other's endeavors and it makes one feel good when a artist you know and respective calls to give his kudos.
Decided to upload all the Sherlock Holmes I did for Magic Wagon series of books. These were fun to do but the deadlines were killer but I think they came out pretty good overall. I saw the the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey and liked it overall but it certainly is not your father's Holmes.